The Wonderful World of Andrea Woo

I was graced with the presence of Andrea Woo about a year and a half ago. It was in IHOP after a Cunninlynguist show in Los Angeles. Andrea, a Vancouver native, is Hip-Hop. Talking with Andrea, I learned that she was as passionate about the culture more than your average fan or fanatic. Andrea lived Hip-Hop. She talked with a natural swagger never mincing her words together. She spoke with the sirens' clarity. Every idea was a complete odyssey through one of her life's experiences. As she would talk about her crush on Kanye to telling you how Ghostface was kicking it with some Chinese cats in Japan (???), Andrea's words gracefully rolled off her tongue with a sting of brutal honesty. I crushed on her. The night at IHOP made me feel like I was having breakfast at Tiffany's. Andrea's world is filled with wondrous adventure.

Andrea is wonderful. She is the personification of Hip-Hop's struggle. She is socially conscious, cosmopolitan, brashly sophisticated, and shyly human. If you read through her words, you will hear her emotions speak about Hip-Hop and how it has changed for the better and for the worse. Common said he used to love her. But, Andrea still loves him. She loves Hip-Hop like a battered wife that remains loyal to her husband's potential to achieve greatness after he falls from God's grace. If Hip-Hop is the savior to us, sinners, then Andrea is its Mary Magdalene.

Andrea has blessed me with the honor of publishing her thoughts and war stories with Hip-Hop. As I crushed on her, you will soon crush on her. She is one of the reasons, I still love Hip-Hop and all the ills that come with it.

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Andrea Woo (TW2AW). If you see the TW2AW abbreviation, prepare your soul for a feast.

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