Incase You Didn't Know


I'm a backpacker. All my family and friends know that I cannot go anywhere without a backpack filled with stuff. I have to carry my Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, a magazine, a small notebook, my Astroboy pencil case, and a book. Oh, I also have my wallet, Blackberry, and iPod in my backpack. As an urban camper, all those items are necessary in order to survive the mean streets. Well, InCase is creating clever ways to carry and protect our Macs and our Decks, has just announced their latest collaboration: a collection of high-performance skate travel bags with pro skateboarder, Paul Rodriguez.

The four-time X-Games medalist's Signature Collection features three pieces, each with an array of skateboard specific storage options promising to merge practical functionality, non-traditional materials and refinement. Not to mention the ability to withstand the demanding travel environments of both pro skaters and weekend road-trippers alike. Now, I just need to get my feet on a board so I can buy PR's signature collection.

“For more than a year, our design team has worked closely with Paul to develop a collection of bags that reinvent the standards by which the travel needs of skateboarders are met,” says Damon Way, Incase Chief Brand Officer. “Between our strong design sensibility and Paul's eye for style and detail, this signature collection defines a new paradigm in the skate bag category.”

We are gonna translate "a new paradigm" as "a stylin' must-have."

Look for a special Paul Rodriguez section of the InCase Website to launch in September and the Signature Collection to debut in select retailers in October.

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